Info on previous projects, work and accolades. Please click any drop-down to find out more:

Solo exhibitions

Open studio show; HSoA December 2014

Open studio show; HSoA December 2015

Solo show; HSoA Gallery January 2016

Solo show: “My Journal, Myself And You”  the new HSoA Gallery July 2017

Solo show ‘Shadows Of A Dream”; No Such Place Gallery, October 2017

Solo show Artrooms Roma, Le Dame Gallery, The Church Palace Hotel, Rome, March 2018

Solo show; Muse Of Fire, Kadies, Mayfair, May 2018

Solo show; NO 9-5 ALIVE Crate Brewery, September 2018

Shared Exhibitions

Shared show; The Shoreditch Arts Club, September 2015

Collaborative show; The Jewish Museum; February 2017

Collaborative show; “Eu & I”, Doomed Gallery; March 2017

No Artist No Art; Lights Of Soho July 2017

Collaborative show; HSoA Gallery, July 2018

Art currently shown

Let It Be, painting, oil on canvas; Humphreys office 2015

Jerusalem, oil on canvas; FRS Synagogue 2016

EP album cover; The White Keys; DJ Kayper, 2017

A rotation of works; the HSoA Gallery

Grin, mixed media on canvas; MnkyHse 2017

A selection of new works at No Such Place Gallery 2017

Selection of works at Kadies Cocktail Bar 2018

Lips, Never Fade Factory, 2018


Ghanaian Boy, oil on canvas 2014

Robs Father, oil on canvas 2014

New York City Skyline, oil on canvas 2015

3 Siblings, triptych oil on canvas 2016

Freddy Mercury WWTLF, oil on canvas 2016

Bob Dylan, oil on canvas 2016

Marilyn, oil on canvas 2016

FRS Jerusalem, oil on canvas 2016

The Beatles, oil on canvas 2016

The white Keys, DJ Kayper, oil on canvas 2017

Breath, mixed media on canvas 2017-08-02

Grin, mixed media on canvas, 2017

Mojo, dog portrait, oil paint on canvas 2017

Sylvie & Elsie, dog portrait, oil on canvas, 2018

Portrait of Samuel For His Fathers Memory, oil on canvas, 2018

Portrait of Sasha Gardener, oil on canvas, 2018

Projects currently working on

Graduating exhibition “Diary Entries and More”, The HSoA Gallery

Solo exhibition, Number 90

Portraits Of The Elderly with dementia; Jewish Care Charity

The Slow Satisfaction; Video documenting the fluidity of paint; Vimeo

Portraits of prisoners/LSW Prison Project

Seated Friends; portraits of friends in their environment May 2018-Present

Samuels Portrait For His Fathers Memory, 2018

Pendant making, December 2017- Present

Musical project coinciding with my painting; 2016- Present

Artist paid work

Painting commissions, 2011-present

One-on-one Teaching of Art to young children, July 2013-present

Live demo at Affordable Arts Fair, 2017

Artist in residence Art Fair Day HSF, 2017

Meeting Tulip Siddiq MP Kilburn & Hampstead HSF Fair Opener, 2017

Selling of T-shirts with my art on, May 2017-present

Artist in residence; The Number Gallery at Number 90, Hackney, August 2017

Curating solo show at No Such Place Gallery 2017

Art teaching assistant for children, The Hampstead School Of Art, London, November 2017- present

Live demonstrator of products at Cass Art Hampstead, London, and November 2017- present

Workshop manager; Affordable Arts Fair, Hampstead, May 2018

Artist in residence; Art Fair Day, Hampstead, June 2018

Advanced painting tutoring, August 2017-Present

Artist in residence; Art Fair Day, Hampstead, June 2019

Artist voluntary Work

Communal art with the elderly at Rueben’s House, 2013-present

Live portraits of residents at Jewish Care Home May 2017- present

Art For Dark Homeless Charity involvement 2016-present

Oil painting workshop; Cass Art London, 2018